Thermik High-Performance Cooler Review

Some of us sometimes seek perfection even when it comes to the smallest details around them. Thermik; as a brand, is also trying to make the perfect coolers out there and guess what? They’re actually killing it.

Thermik’s coolers are known for being fully equipped with everything a cooler needs to do its job, as well as many useful details that come really handy to everyone.

The people behind Thermik understand that in order to build a reputation that’ll support their name anywhere in the world, they need to work smart and hard to make portable coolers that are meant to do what’s expected from them and more. Thus, in this review, you’ll see how minute and brilliant is their work.

Thermik Ice Chests Compared


Thermik 20 Qt Cooler
• External
21" x 13" x 17"
• Internal
14" x 8" x 12.5"

Thermik 45 Qt Cooler
• External
26.7" x 16.6" x 16.3"
• Internal
20.2" x 10.6" x 11.6"

Thermik 75 Qt Cooler
• External
33.5" x 18.2" x 17.9"
• Internal
27" x 11.7" x 13.2"

Available Size & Dimensions

The Thermik Roto-Molded cooler is our guy this time, and it comes in 3 different sizes:

Thermik 25 Qt Cooler ReviewThermik 25 Qt Cooler 

The 25 qt cooler is 14 inches in length, 8 inches in width and 12.5 inches in height on the inside, while on the outside it measures 21 inches in length, 13 in width and 17 inches in height.

It’s pretty much the go-to cooler whenever there is a weekend trip, family picnic or friends’ gatherings. You can easily put it in the back seat of your car without any need for a second hand to do that; it’s great for personal use.

Thermik 45 Qt Cooler ReviewThermik 45 Qt Cooler

Inside, the 45 quart cooler measures 20.2″ in length, 10.6″ in width and 11.6″ in height . On the outside it measures 26.7″ in length, 16.6″ in width and 16.3″ in height.

This cooler is starting to lean a little on the big side, however, it’s still very easy to handle; it’s featured with rope handles so that 2 people can carry it comfortably when fully loaded.

It’s great for quick family barbecues, road trips, or even camping for a small group of people.

Thermik 75qt cooler reviewThermik 75 Qt Cooler:

On the inside, this cooler measures  27″ in length, 11.7″ in width and 13.2″ in height. On the outside, it measures 33.5″ in length, 18.2″ in width and 17.9″ in height.

Now with this cooler, you can announce a backyard party, a fishing/hunting trip, or a longer road trip with everything you need packed ready and fresh.

Now, the first thing anyone would notice is that all of these coolers’ bodies are something around 7 inches thick which is honestly amazing; because simply; the thicker the cooler, the better insulation ability. However, as a result; these Thermik coolers are expected to be a little heavy.

Design & Build Quality

For this part, Thermik chose to keep it safe and simple releasing this line of coolers in one color only; white with black details. Well honestly; I don’t think anything can top that; black and white combinations are always timeless, classy, and very appealing.

Now the build quality is what really matters. Thermik promises that their roto-molded coolers are virtually indestructible with a very high-end production and great thickness and density to them.

Not only that, this whole rotationally molding concept is meant to eliminate the human error completely from the construction process leaving only one thing for you to witness; perfection.

The lid on Thermik’s coolers is very solid and durable and that allows using it as a chair whenever needed. It’s also textured so that whatever is on it doesn’t easily slip off.

thermik coolers review

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

As previously mentioned; the Thermik Roto-Molded coolers are 6-7 inches thick which clearly states that ice retention on these ones is a real deal.

The thick urethane insulation can keep ice for 5 days or even more if the cooler is well taken care of. Also, going back to the head gasket that is part of the lid; these coolers will have nothing getting out or in once closed. That way; whatever is the cooler will maintain its temperature for long enough to meet your needs.

A little tip for anyone who’s welling to use a portable cooler, no matter the brand; always keep the cooler in a shady area, avoid opening the lid very often, and make sure you put more ice into it every now and then to prolong its cool temperature.

thermik cooler ice retention


  • First things first; all of the three sizes we got here come in white which is not bad at all if you think about it. A white cooler is quite simple and it would pretty much suit any area where it’s being used.
  • The outer body of these coolers is the same expect for the size of course. You’ll find that all the edges are pretty round and smooth for complete safety while transporting the cooler. However, the lid is made of a textured material to prevent whatever put on top of it from skidding.
  • Also, the 25 qt cooler is featured with one great and rigid aluminum carry handle that’s completely padded for maximum comfort carrying the cooler.
  • The other two bigger coolers are featured with two marine nylon handles that are extremely durable.
  • A very nice add is the two double duty stainless steel locking tab bottle openers on the sides; they’ll keep you quenched anywhere you go.
  • What I liked most is the Thermik’s indestructible lids that can be used as an extra chair as you could also store something on top of it.
  • These very same lids are also features with a thick gasket that makes sure the lid is completely sealed as it also prevents it from getting damaged.
  • What adds up to how functional these lids are the super rigid and damage proof latches; they’re meant to keep the lid 100 percent secured once you’re done using the cooler.
  • Not only that; the hinges on the Thermik coolers are meant to serve a life time; they’re made of both soft and hard material and they’re anti-oxidant.
  • Another innovational feature is the vacuum release valve which works to equalize pressure in the cooler and free the lid instantly even if the lid was just sealed shut.
  • And of course there’s the “rugged two stage drain that fits a standard garden hose for remote draining with a stainless leash.” It works very smoothly without you having to carry or tilt the cooler.
  • Last but not least; these coolers are featured with some great and durable rubber feet that work as an anti-skid platform to prevent any possible accidents especially on the back of a board for example.
  • Now on the inside, you’ll find a dry keeper basket and a cutting board that can be used as a separator anywhere and anytime needed.
  • There is also a cup holder that can be attached to the side of the cooler when chilling next to it.
  • All in all, this is a fully equipped cooler that won’t disappoint anyone on all different occasions.

Thermik Cooler review - Features

Who is it for?

Coolers like the Thermik Roto-Molded are not made for a certain category of users. On the contrary; anyone can choose this cooler and use it anywhere and anytime.

For example; the 25 qt cooler can be used for a quick picnic when needed. While the bigger version can totally work for party drinks in the backyard of your house. Even a fisherman can make use of any of the sizes provided to either store his food and drinks for a fishing trip, or store the fish itself.

Thermik Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

We are in no position to decide which is better; however, we get to test these coolers, see how far they can go, and share our findings with you in hopes that it’d help you to make your own decision.

Thermik Cooler Vs Yeti

In terms of looks, anyone can admit that both brands do look a little alike; the simple timeless design and some details are common features between the two. Nevertheless, what really makes the difference is ice retention performance in regard to pricing.

Still, I’m going to have to mention that Yeti offers a wider range of options when it comes down to sizes and colors; while Thermik’s largest cooler is 75 qt, Yeti is proud to introduce the Tundra 350 qt that’s considered a huge cooler that serves hunters/fishermen and party enthusiasts likewise just as it should.

Moving back to pricing matters, a Yeti’s is more or less 50 – 60 dollars more expensive than a Thermik’s. Though it’s not that large of a gap, Thermik coolers actually are actually capable of delivering almost the same insulation and ice retention ability and that’s thanks to their thick construction and universal polyethylene foam quality.

So if you’re going to make your choice today, all you need to know is that you’re no way going wrong with any of these guys.

Final Thoughts

We’re really impressed with the Thermik Roto-Molded coolers; the design is top notch, the features are highly functional and innovational, and ice retention is very good.

With a 5 years warranty, you know you’re getting a warrior cooler that is meant to represent its name in the best way possible. It’s virtually indestructible, very simple, yet; very professional.