Best Igloo Cooler For Sale – Reviews

Igloo coolersAfter more than half a century of experience, Igloo is proud to present itself as a brand which started very humbly in a metalworking shop in 1947, and that became a pioneering name in the modern world’s coolers’ industry holding different patents over the years.

Nowadays, almost everyone needs a cooler either for leisure time and outdoor activities or for some unexpected scenarios where a portable cooler is the only thing that can save the day.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of Igloo’s best and most popular coolers in hopes to make it easier for you to find what’s going to work for you.

Top Rated Igloo Coolers

#1- Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker CoolersWith a virtually indestructible rotational-molded polyethylene construction, the Yukon Cold Locker is here to slay. This cooler is bear resistant which only makes sense since the Yukon can be a fisherman’s/hunter’s best buddy.

Actually, this cooler proved to be extremely durable and functional when it comes to fishing/hunting thanks to its convenient size and the molded fish scale on the lid.

This cooler comes in two different sizes; 50 qt and 70 qt and both come in two colors; white and tan. Both these colors look sharp and professional and by that I mean that you can put them on any surface anywhere and they would easily blend in.

Now, in terms of features; you’ll find really nice dual molded lid locks for maximum security in case you need the lid to remains sealed. Also, there are two durable, yet flexible, rubber latches with finger grips for easy use and access.

Moreover, the Yukon’s lid is featured with self-stopping hinges that’ll allow you to freely use both your hands to put or grab anything from the cooler without worrying about the lid falling down on your hand.

Furthermore, Igloo featured the Yukon with reversible skid/anti-skid feet on base to ensure the cooler can either be easily pushed around instead of carried or be completely still even when it’s put on moving surfaces; it’s a pretty thoughtful feature to be honest.

And of course, you can easily notice the integrated handles that are extremely comfortable to be used even when you have large or gloved hands. They also work as tie-down loops when needed.

Last but not least, I kept the best part about the Yukon till the end for a better closer. This cooler’s retention ability is something to admire; the 3 inches polyethylene lid plus the 2 inches of the same material in the body ensures that ice can still exist inside of the cooler for up to 7 days. However, the Yukon is proved to deliver a great insulation performance for 3-4 days with food and drinks remaining really cold and preserved inside which makes it head to head with other top quality coolers’ brands.

#2- Igloo Sportsman Cooler

Igloo sportsman coolersAnother outstanding cooler by Igloo is the Sportsman that comes in four different sizes; 20 qt, 40 qt, 55 qt and 70 qt. They all come in two colors; white and tan.

These four coolers come with pretty much the same features which narrows down the choosing process to the size you need. The only difference here is that the Sportsman 20 is featured with a durable 3-point grab handle with a wide cushioned grip while the other three sizes have robust swing-up side handles.

The Sportsman coolers have great lid gaskets to prevent air or smell from getting in or out of the cooler. Plus the durable rubberized T-handle latches will keep the lid perfectly secured all the time.

Not only that; if you feel the need to maximize the security on your cooler’s content you’ll find a built in hole for any standard sized lock you have.

Also, the lid is featured with self-stopping integrated hinges that are proved to be 100 percent practical.

The same lid comes with a fish scale for fishermen or hunters, while the whole cooler is roto-molded and bear resistant to overcome any possible extreme environment. If anything at all, this says a lot about how rough and durable the Sportsman coolers are. Moreover, these coolers are featured with anti-skid feet to keep them in place on smooth or moving surfaces.

Now in terms of ice retention and insulation, all of the Sportsman coolers are built with premier polyethylene foam on both the lid and body for days of cool and fresh food/drinks. The foam in the Sportsman coolers might not be as thick as on the Yukon but it sure delivers what’s expected from it.

#3- Igloo BMX Cooler

Igloo BMX CoolersNow this is definitely what I’d call a solid cooler. The BMX is one of Igloo’s most rigid coolers with a sporty and bulky design that’s guaranteed to find a large audience.

The BMX comes in 2 different sizes; 25 qt and 52 qt and come in Gray with nice blue latches. This cooler is great for rough environments where it is expected to receive some bumps and scratches. However, thanks to the blow-molded construction that added greatly to its durability, that won’t be a problem.

The lid and walls of this cooler are made using extra thick foam for better ice retention and insulation. The BMX is capable of keeping ice in it up to 5 days especially if the surrounding atmosphere was in its favor.

In addition to the skid pads that add an extra layer of corner protection; there is also a diamond plate metal insert that’ll protect the lower parts of the cooler and reinforce the cooler’s body as a whole. However, this cooler is not bear resistant even though it’s made to be strong and durable.

In terms of transportability; both sizes of the BMX come with rigid handles that are featured with rubbery grips for more comfort and functionality.

The T-latches as well are made of rubber for a firmly sealed lid; they’re very easy to use as they make sure the cold stays inside of the cooler.

And of course; there is a fish scale in case a fisherman decided to make the BMX his fishing pal.

#4- Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

Igloo Marine Ultra coolersThe Igloo Marine Ultra lineup can stand on its own as an independent line thanks to the number of sizes it offers. This cooler can be found in the size 28qt, 30qt, 36qt, 48qt, 54qt, 72qt, 94qt, 128qt and 162qt. This is guaranteed to satisfy a very large customers’ platform.

Starting with looks, the Marine Ultra is a very classic cooler with simple design and soft or sometimes rough body surface to prevent it from getting easily scratched. Also, all of the Marine Ultra cooler versions come in one color and that’s obviously white.

The 52 qt cooler for example is featured with soft ride rally wheels for easy transport and telescoping handle equipped with gear hangers to hold totes or bags.

On the other hand, the 94 qt cooler is an example for the ultimate fishing cooler that’s capable of ‘withstanding the harsh, wet environments, keeping drinks and snacks (or the catch of the day) cold and fresh.’

To keep it short; all of the Marine Ultra coolers are featured with UV protection shields, non-slip, comfort-grip handles for easy transport, and threaded drain plug that’ll allow you to hook up a hose for ultimate easy-to-drain performance.

Not only that, the larger coolers come with a built in fish ruler on the lid with 2 latches and stainless steel hinges. Some sizes however are featured with only one latch which still does the job nicely and keep the lid safely sealed and secured.

In terms of insulation, the Marine Ultra coolers promise and deliver a solid ice retention that can last up to 5 days. The walls of these coolers are thick and dense with Ultratherm® insulation in body and lid for maximum coolness.

#5- Igloo Super Tough Cooler

Igloo Super Tough STX CoolersThis one here comes in 4 sizes; 54 qt, 72 qt, 120 qt and 150 qt. They all come in white with a little orange touch except for the 54 qt one that comes in both white and brown/tan.

Just like the name suggests; this cooler is 40% heavier than most of its rivals which makes it tougher and extremely durable. The reason behind such a design is that some of us need a cooler than can take lots of beating on long trips and adventures without crashing; this is the one.

The Super Tough is featured with specially anchored, heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, extra-durable dual stainless-steel latches and a triple-snap drain plug that’ll allow you to easily drain melted ice.

Also, the bolted-through side handles on this cooler are super rigid and comfortable to use to easily and efficiently hold up heavy loads.

For functionality purposes, the lid of this cooler is also featured with a built-in fish measuring ruler that’s really practical and useful once you decide to take this tough guy for fishing.

Now that being said, the Super Tough can keep items frozen inside up to 4-5 days thanks to the Ultratherm® insulation in body and lid. Moreover, the Cool Riser Technology™ improves cooling performance by elevating away from hot surfaces.

#6- Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

Igloo Quick and Cool CoolersNow this is what anyone would call a monster cooler. The features on this one were all well thought to build the perfect cooler that can be both functional and powerful. The Quick and Cool comes in 2 sizes; the 100 qt (white) and the 150 qt (white and carbonite/field service green).

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the quick-access hatch on the lid; it’s super practical making reaching to your items a lot faster and easier. It’s not something you usually find on any cooler; it’s quite a nice/thoughtful add.

Next, there are the Reinforced swing-up handles with tie-down loop feature for safe and comfortable carrying and loading process.

Also, dual snap-fit latches will make sure the lid is perfectly sealed for the cooler to maintain its low temperature.

Igloo promises 7 days of ice retention with the Quick and Cool cooler thanks to the Ultratherm® insulation in body and lid. Users around the world agreed that this cooler can definitely deliver what’s expected from it.

As for the outer body of the Quick and Cool, the least anyone can say is that it’s simple, yet very professional. It’s definitely a bit classic which makes sure it looks good anywhere you decide to put it.

Igloo, however, said nothing about this cooler being UV resistant which leads me to bring back the friendly user advice. Always keep your cooler in the shade away from hot surfaces to make sure it delivers its best performance.

#7- Igloo Trailmate Cooler

Igloo Trailmate Coolers

I think that we saved the best for last; the Trailmate is the VIP that Igloo is very proud to have made. This is the ultimate party cooler anyone can dream of; just the look of it says a lot about the amount of fun you’re about to get.

As you can see, this is a 70 qt cooler that comes in 3 different versions; the Journey (available in 3 colors), the Marine and the Liddup. The most prominent thing about this cooler is the huge wheels; they can deal with sand and other challenging surfaces with great traction and ground clearance of 10-inch. Also, the horizontal telescoping Glide™ Handle will allow you to pull your load 50% easier.

This ultimate cooler is one of the the best wheeled coolers out there. It’s featured with a butler tray, a dry storage space, a storage pocket, a mobile device stand, bottle openers, cup holders, and a food basket. This is beyond everything I’ve ever expected a portable cooler can offer.

Now the built quality on this one is truly amazing; the aluminum construction is lightweight, rust-resistant and of marine-grade durability and strength. It’s also built using UV Inhibitors to protect the cooler against sun damage so you can stay outdoors all day long.

The Liddup version here is features with a 360° lighted interior powered by LiddUp for a good night fun anywhere you take it.

Last but not least, all of these 3 monsters are fully insulated for advanced cooling performance and ice retention ability that can last up to 4 days.

The Cool Riser Technology along with the Ultratherm result in a great insulation performance. However, to optimize any cooler’s performance it’s best to keep it in the shade away from warm/hot bodies or surfaces.

Igloo Coolers — Bottom Line

Igloo has done an amazing job building some of the best and coolest coolers out there. One must admit that everyone and anyone is guaranteed to find the exact cooler that he/she is looking for thanks to the variety of choices Igloo offers.

We honestly think that some of Igloo’s coolers can definitely compete and be head to head with most of the pioneering coolers brands we know today. Thus, it’s not an option that you’d go wrong with one of Igloo’s coolers.