DeWALT Cooler Review – World’s Best Jobsite Coolers

DeWALT is one of the few brands out there that doesn’t require an introduction. Indeed, everyone is aware of the impact DeWALT has on a variety of markets. However, only a few know that this giant has branched out to the cooler isle.

Being one of the strongest conglomerates on the market, annexing the cooler realm was inevitable. Hence, DeWALT managed to ride its reputation into a highly competitive domain and quickly rank up the charts. Nevertheless, if we learned anything through our experience with coolers, it is that big brands aren’t always the fittest in this market.

Accordingly, in this deWALT cooler review, we will try to answer some of the big questions that you might have in mind right now. Also, we’ll make sure to take you on a detailed tour to inspect the brand’s engagement, quality, design, variety and how good it holds up against fierce competition.

DeWALT Ice Chests At a Glance

(L X W X H)


deWALT 10 Quart Cooler
1017.09" x 11.18" x 11.1"7.95


deWALT 25 Quart Cooler
2522.2" x 14.09" x 13.82"18.10


deWALT 45 Quart Cooler
4528.35" x 15.77" x 15.59"27.59


deWALT 65 Quart Cooler
6532.05" x 18.56" x 17.80"35.76


deWALT DWST08404 ToughSystem® Cooler
2714.375" x 21.625" x 16"NA

Available Sizes & Dimensions

Variety has always been significant because it gives the brand some legitimacy and gives us what we need. Accordingly, a big shark like DeWALT shouldn’t struggle to produce a rich variety that caters for the different needs & requirements. Surprisingly however, it seems that the brand is
playing it safe by committing to standard sizes only.


DEWALT 10 QUART COOLEROn the starting line, DeWALT displays one of their proudest & smallest creations. Indeed, the 10Qt has got to be one of the tiniest hard-sided coolers on the market and that makes it unique in a sense.

Indeed, this 17.09″ (L) x 11.18″ (W) x 11.1″ (H) cooler is great for your picnics, children’s game day or a long work day. And because you are expected to carry this thing around regularly, DeWALT made sure it remains under 8 pounds despite the TOUGH build.


DEWALT 25 QUART COOLERIf you’re not fulfilled with the highlights of the smaller model, perhaps you’d find your match in the DeWALT 25Qt cooler.

In that sense, the size at hand might not be the best for avid anglers / hunters but it’s definitely enough for campers, weekend fishing trips and good ol’ BBQ parties.

The cooler at hand measures 22.2 x 14.1 x 13.8 inches & weighs around 16 pounds while empty which shouldn’t cause any inconvenience.

DeWALT 45 Qt

DEWALT 45 QUART COOLEROnce you get through the 25Qt, you begin to cross the Urban territory into the wild outdoors. Indeed, the 45Qt is one of DeWALT’s best coolers for small to medium game anglers / hunters.

Accordingly, the cooler at hand measures 28.4 x 15.8 x 15.6 inches & weighs a total of 26.4 pounds while completely empty. Hence, you better hope you have company if you’re planning on carrying this cooler around while loaded.

DeWALT 65 Qt

DEWALT 65 QUART COOLERFor the big investors, DeWALT dedicates their biggest (which is considered average on the market) cooler. In fact, despite being a disappointing ceiling, the 65Qt DeWALT is still capable of catering for heavy duty tasks.

Accordingly, the cooler at hand will make a great companion for long term hunters & anglers who need plenty of space & ice to keep their game fresh for days at a time.

In that respect, the cooler at hand measures 32 x 18.6 x 17.8 inches & weighs 35.8 pounds straight out of the box.

DeWALT DWST08404 ToughSystem (Special Edition)

DeWalt DWST08404TOUGHSYSTEM® COOLERBeyond their regular coolers, DeWALT sneaked in one of their best representatives. Indeed, the model at hand is one of the best average size coolers out there and one which will certainly last you a life time.

As the name indicates, this 27Qt cooler is built to last and that makes it great for heavy duty engagements. Thus, whether it is a construction site or a hazardous environment, the ToughSystem DeWALT will conquer.

PS: The cooler at hand weighs around 20 pounds when empty.

Design & Build Quality

DeWALT Coolers - Design & Build QualityDeWALT coolers are exactly what you’d imagine if you’ve never seen one. Indeed, these coolers are designed to captivate your attention from first sight and that can only mean one thing.

Bright Yellow is DeWALT’s trademark theme that has grown to represent resilience wherever it lands and we must say that it looks pretty neat on their coolers as well.

DeWALT coolers aren’t just bright and colorful but they are also skillfully designed to appeal to the buyer & adapt to the variety of tasks it is meant to go through.

Accordingly, the first thing you will notice is that DeWALT coolers will avoid any obstruction of the smooth rectangular shape they religiously maintain on each model. However, DeWALT coolers are still profiled to look as aggressive as possible in order to fit their robust nature.

Speaking of resilience, one thing which strikes the seeker once they land on DeWALT’s cooler website is the complete absence of any explanation. Impressively enough, DeWALT has completely emitted the need for words and replaced them completely by a couple of videos that illustrate just how tough their coolers are.

Consequently, based on some serious torture tests, we can observe that DeWALT coolers are indeed mighty.

In fact, in order to prove a point, DeWALT has literally launched its coolers from catapults & cranes to show you that no matter what you put these coolers through; they will always come out in one piece.

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

Talking about what really matters, insulation is the prime selling point for coolers around the world and don’t you think for a second that DeWALT isn’t topping the game. Indeed, one look at a DeWALT cooler will reveal a monstrous insulation that is way thicker than average.

Accordingly, DeWALT coolers benefit from an extraordinarily robust roto-molded shell. There is no argument around whether you can still compete in this market without rotational molding because it is simply impossible. Hence, the process of roto-molding grants DeWalt coolers the necessary unity and resilience that shapes the theme of the brand as a whole.

Further, once the shell is complete, DeWALT injects the walls with a dense PE foam that truly seals the cooler to perfection.

In other words, DeWALT coolers are pressure injected with a substance that functions as a temperature shield, which could work both ways. Indeed, the foam siege contains tiny air capsules that disperse the heat / cold, slowing down the degradation process.

Consequently, it is highly recommended that you pre-chill your coolers the night before, using frozen water bottles in order to attain maximal
ice retention.

Speaking of which, DeWALT argues that its coolers are insulated enough to pull through a healthy 5 days with regular use which was proven more or less accurate through our standard tests. Nonetheless, because of their thick insulation, DeWALT coolers will perform poorly if not pre-chilled.


While most of us focus on performance, we tend to forget how critical features can be to our day to day interactions with the cooler.

Accordingly, DeWALT sprinkled its own magic on their coolers in order to give them the practicality vibes of their power tools and that is rather prominent in a strong way.

DeWALT Cooler - FeaturesRotational-molding

DeWALT coolers are highly influenced with the power-tool holy spirit which grants them an aggressive facade. However, the brand seems to be specifically proud of their rotational-molding approach & rightfully so. Hence, the roto-molded case doesn’t only fortify these units but they also preserve internal temperature and expel UV rays.

Break-time Lid

DeWALT knows exactly who their audience is and they strongly market their coolers in that specific direction. Therefore, DeWALT cooler lids are designed specifically for break-time and nothing else.

For example, the lids on all of their coolers come with two cup / bottle holders & a rough surface that will prevent your snacks from slipping off.


While the 45Qt & 65Qt DeWALT coolers feature strap handles with a rubber pad, the smaller models feature a Yeti style central handle for easy use.

The distinction might seem a little random but it most certainly isn’t because size determines how many people are required to handle the cooler.

So, the 10Qt & 25Qt DeWALT coolers can be individually moved with the metal handle while the larger models will benefit more from the balanced handling.

Cam Latches

All DeWALT coolers are blessed with Cam latches, which are one of the best designs on the market.

Right next to T-latches, cam latches are considered to be highly practical and equally effective.

These latches can click in place with one hand, and once in place, they tighten down the gasket firmly to confirm the stress.


Quality gaskets do make a difference. The gaskets on DeWALT coolers has quite the grip that it truly mimic a freezer’s gasket.

Indeed, once the cooler is locked, these gaskets will confirm the seal, making it so satisfying to pop it back up because it will exhibit some
resistance each time.

Extra features

For the last bit, we saved a few honorable mentions for those of you who are deeper in the cooler universe.

Accordingly, DeWALT coolers also come with central lock slots / bottle openers, multiple tie-down slots for safer transportation & extremely resilient anti-skid feet to keep your cooler still when needed.

Who is it for?

While DeWALT coolers can serve many purposes, they certainly aren’t designed for everyone. In fact, DeWALT is one of the few brands out there that is intentionally limiting itself to its base audience which includes workers of all kinds. Hence, although they would certain get the job done, DeWALT coolers do not attempt to appeal to anglers or hunters which should help you figure how much you care about design.

DeWALT Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

In a sense, Yeti & DeWALT are similar as they both feature extremely robust coolers with equally impressive ice retention times. However, while Yeti chooses to remain neutral, DeWALT indulges into its ‘construction-site’ theme.


This entire segment can be pretty much summed up in the previous segment. To illustrate, while Yeti remains the universal success we all know it for, DeWALT isn’t trying to take over the throne but it is trying to take over a fragment of the target audience.

Accordingly, DeWALT intentionally limits its size variety to standards because they are targeting working sites in general. On the other hand, Yeti is easily much richer when it comes to variety thereby covering the needs of the entire market.

As far as performance goes, our experience with coolers of all kinds and specifically Yeti ones has proven that this is one of the toughest brands to overcome in the market and compared to DeWALT, it is easily superior. Nonetheless, DeWALT coolers are still capable of pulling up to 5 days of ice retention.

DeWALT Cooler – Bottom Line

In order to wrap up this DeWALT cooler review, we have to go back and appreciate the robust build of these coolers. Indeed, these coolers are built to last and that is the strongest argument for this brand.

Other than that, DeWALT coolers are rather average in terms of performance, variety and versatility, which makes this choice distinctly difficult considering the fact that they aren’t exactly budget coolers.