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YETI Tundra 65 Cooler, White

Coolers are just as diverse as their market and that makes them one of the most essential items of any angler. Indeed, finding the best fishing cooler is one hell of a job because of the limitless variety of coolers out there. Nevertheless, when we think of a marine cooler, the picture becomes slightly clearer.

Hence, your best marine cooler has a set of distinctive features that makes it appropriate for the duties and environment of the marine life.

However, it is still difficult to find a cooler that actually embodies all of the features you are looking for. Therefore, we took it on ourselves to filter and rinse the market of marine coolers in order to narrow down your picks to the 6 top rated marine coolers on the market.

Top 6 Best Marine Coolers Reviews

1- Yeti Tundra Marine Cooler Review

Yeti Marine cooler reviewYeti is certainly a leading brand in the industry of ice coolers and that did not come by chance. Indeed, looking at the Yeti Tundra line, you begin to understand why so many anglers, campers, hunters and so on choose to put their trust into these coolers.

Accordingly, Tundra coolers are simply one of the richest lines of ice coolers in the market which exhibits diversity in shapes, materials and sizes with a consistent status of ice retention. Affirmatively, Yeti Tundra coolers is an award winning line which promises to keep your drinks, snacks and catch fresh for as long as 72 hours and that has become an undisputed fact amongst Tundra coolers owners.

Further, diversity is a powerhouse for Yeti Tundra as they showcase anything from a standard camping unit to a marine cooler with wheels, leaving no one behind. However, the selling point for most of these coolers is the perfect insulation, which includes the advanced foam walls, sealed gasket, and unshaken frost locks.

Accordingly, Yeti Tundra is undeniably efficient and diverse but what we didn’t mention yet is that it is also very practical. Indeed, Tundra coolers are designed to be a seat or a casting platform when needed. Also, these coolers are equipped with anti-slip feet to keep them in place on your boat and accessories such as a rod and can holder.

2- Iglo Ultra Marine Cooler Review

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler reviewThe versatility of the Iglo ultra earned it a spot on this list for best marine coolers but that isn’t everything that makes this cooler a fine catch. Undeniably, Igloo has been a prominent brand in the industry for quite a while and it has always maintained its image amongst all types of users but especially anglers.

Accordingly, it is tough enough to keep up with the top rated marine coolers on an infinite market but Igloo Ultra has bigger aspirations which include becoming the best fishing cooler.

One cannot deny that Yeti coolers are taking a leap ahead but Igloo chose to focus on marine coolers for a while which gives it higher ground especially with its award winning insulation system which retains ice for up to 3 days with proper planning.

Further, the biggest advertisement this Igloo has must be the multitude of sizes it offers which will play so well with anglers who are looking for the perfect cooler size that would fit their boat.

Indeed, one of the biggest struggles we face is finding a cooler that would slide in smoothly by the tail of the boat and stay in there firm and snug which gives the Igloo at hand a slight advantage.

3- Coleman Marine Cooler Review

Coleman Marine Cooler ReviewColeman is often referred to as the father of all coolers since it has been around for that long and that’s already an advantage. Indeed, Coleman coolers have been around since most of us were kids but its popularity didn’t come by coincidence.

In fact, Coleman has got quite a reputation in the industry which gives it a head start for the best fishing cooler championship. Nonetheless, Coleman doesn’t rely on reputation as much as it does on proper ice retention which is made possible due its thick insulation and firm locking mechanism, enabling it to keep your catch frosty for up to a few days.

Coleman might have only one marine cooler with wheels, but it definitely has more options when it comes to shapes and sizes. Indeed, Coleman marine coolers are very versatile which makes them more appealing to all types of anglers and boats.
Also, most Coleman coolers come with rubber feet to help them stay in place as well as making a splendid platform for casting.

Eventually, Coleman is an international heritage for most of us and that signifies trust which cannot be placed in too many coolers out there. So, if you can’t choose a proper cooler then choose a proper name because that will never disappoint.

4- Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler Review

Igloo Marine Ultra Roller Cooler reviewAs we’ve been anticipating, Igloo has done it again with the Breeze cooler. Certainly, you’d think that a brand like Igloo wouldn’t dare push the envelop a little further and put wheels on a marine cooler but that’s exactly what they did. So, being amongst the few creators of a marine cooler with wheels, what can this Igloo do better compared to the rest on this list?

Well, primarily, the Igloo Breeze maintained the same award winning ice retention technology that will enable you to keep your catch, snacks, or beers fresh for 3 to 4 days with proper cooling. Then, it gave it wheels, which may seem to be counterproductive for a marine cooler but it actually is pretty clever.

In fact, the Igloo Breeze will be much more versatile as it will allow you to move it around single handedly and it won’t budge once stationary thanks to its anti-skid rubber feet.

The cooler also features a telescopic handle to make moving it even easier and almost intuitive and it exhibits a few practical accessories such as a ruler, rod and cup holders and comfortable handles.

5- Engel Coolers Marine Cooler Review

Engel Coolers Marine Cooler ReviewEngel might not be better than Yeti coolers but it’s definitely way up there at extremely affordable prices. Indeed, one of the biggest selling aspects for Engle marine coolers is the fact that they present competitive quality coolers for half the price.

Accordingly, our first concern here and with every other cooler brand is ice retention and Engel leaves nothing for luck.

In fact, Engel might just be the best marine ice chest producer on the market today because of their advance perma-frost technology with 2 inches of polyurethane insulation that promises to keep your catch and beers cold for up till 3 days through a hot summer.

Also, the brand is keen on its practicality aspect which is why they present you with multiple color choices in order to get the perfect match for your boat.

Also, these coolers are so sturdy that they can be used as a seat regularly or even for casting.

Moreover, in order to perfectly seal the hood, Engel goes for silicon airtight gaskets that will keep the cooler from leaking in and out.

In the end, the deal Engel is trying to make with anglers is providing them with a strong, rigid and reliable cooler that will keep their catch fresh for a few days without causing their pockets to bleed and if that sounds like a good deal to you then you might have found the best boat cooler for you.

6- Pelican ProGear Marine Cooler Review

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler reviewPelican is undeniably a pioneer in the industry of ice chests with a wide advantage. Actually, the brand at hand is almost always a 5 star collector and that can already give you a little idea about what to expect from its ProGear line which is specifically dedicated to marine life and outdoor lovers.

Accordingly, the ProGear draft constitutes of some of the toughest most reliable marine coolers on the market as of today and that title has got a lot to do with ice retention. Indeed, one look at the Pelican ProGear elite cooler will give you a brief introduction about what kind of insulation you should expect from this beast. Speaking of which, the cooler at hand features one of the best insulation layers that promises to keep your catch fresh for up to 10 days.

This is literally a portable refrigerator but it’s more than just that. In fact, the ProGear is so robust that will never complain or bow down to damage but most importantly, it is a marine cooler with wheels. So, when you’re not using it as a seat or a fish scale, you will be moving it on and off your boat just as easily and even more so with the adjustable telescopic handle.

Eventually, there is so much more to say about this Pelican that this short review can’t do right by which is why we invite you to read more about this splendid cooler that will truly change your definition of ice chest for ever.

How Do You Choose The Best Boat Cooler?

Having served you the 6 best boat coolers on the market, you are now in a controlled zone where no matter where you land, you’re getting your money’s worth. However, there is a slight difference between a great marine cooler and the best marine cooler for you, which is why we must equip you with a concise checklist to help you define that.

1. Size

First things first, your need of a marine cooler will strongly be defined by its size because not everyone is fishing for giant swordfish.

Indeed, before you make your pick, it is crucial that you figure out the size you need. So, whether you’re fishing for tuna or trout or simply want to keep an 8 pack cold, define the cooler size you will be needing and then add some because you’re better safe than sorry.

Also, and most importantly, you must make sure that the size of the cooler would not require that you change your entire boat to cater for it.

In other words, the cooler must be the right fit for your boat’s tail or wherever you choose to place it and for that, you will need to measure your boat and match it with the size of the cooler prior to purchase to avoid massive waves of regret.

2. Ice retention (How long)

Ice retention is a critical area that is defined by the insulation technology of the brand and the finer details that constitute a cooler. Luckily, marine coolers and specifically those on this list are higher grade than standard, which means that they are capable of retaining ice for as long as 3 days minimum.

Nonetheless, some coolers are slightly better than others when it comes to this because of little differences in hood gaskets, lock mechanisms and material type. Therefore, it should be stated that the more you’re willing to pay, the better ice retention you’ll be getting but that’s not always the case.

Indeed, ice retention depends greatly on the user as well and especially in the packing process. So, in order to achieve maximum retention capacity, make sure that you precool your cooler a night ahead, avoid hot beverages, keep it dry and sandwich your catch in ice; that way, you’ll have yourself a portable refrigerator.

3. Stability

One very important aspect of the standard marine cooler is the addition of rubber anti slipping pads, which are pretty essential. In fact, without proper anti-skid feet, a cooler would be a constant hazard especially when it gets wavy. Hence, rubber feet are indispensable for marine coolers, as they will prove extremely practical in different ways.

Example: Many anglers like to use their coolers as platforms for casting as it is both stable and insightful.

4. Latches and hinges

Latches and hinges are undeniably a core mechanism in coolers generally because it affects the practical use of the chests and their efficiency.

Hence, it is a priority to check for proper latches and hinges on your pick in order to ensure that you are getting a dependable boat cooler that will remain unshaken by the tides and violent waves and also keep your cargo locked firmly and endure the test of time.

Final Thoughts

Fishing out the best marine cooler is no easy job due to the variety of choices and options on the market. However, it’s not impossible either as you are equipped with a practical checklist to define your exact needs and preferences to match with one of our picks of the best fishing coolers out there.

So, before you click that purchase button, ask yourself:

  • Is it the right size for my catch and my boat?
  • Does it retain ice as long as I need it to?
  • Does it have the mechanism to remain stable and resist slipping?
  • Can I lock and secure it safely on my boat?

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