Bison Cooler Review

Portable coolers have come a long way since it all started, and since the launch of what we know today as roto-molded coolers, this market became super competitive where everyone is offering their best version to compete with the industry’s giants and pioneers.

Today, you’re here to check the Bison Coolers review which obviously means that you’re interested in a Bison that might end up being your new travel buddy after reading what we’ve got to tell you about this brand.

The Bison Coolers is an American brand with its headquarter located in Forth Worth, Texas. However, the Bison used to go under the name Brute Outdoors which started making high quality coolers in 2011 leading to a successful investment with a growing community of clients that liked and appreciated what the brand has to offer.

Today, known as the Bison Coolers since 2015, this brand made their coolers available for everyone either online or via retail sellers; thus, and with no further due, let’s go through this analysis for better details.

Bison Coolers Compared


2520.5" x 17.5" x 15"20

5030.5" x 17.5" x 16.5"34

7537.75" x 17.5" x 18"39

12543.25" x 21.5" x 18.75"

Available Sizes & Dimensions

Bison Coolers offer both soft and hard coolers for a more versatile collection that can serve different users in different environments. In this part of the review we’ll introduce you to the available sizes offered by Bison so that you know your choices and find the most suitable cooler for your needs.

Bison Hard-Sided Coolers

Bison’s hard coolers come in four different sizes and the least that we can say about them is that they’re versatile and flexible with a wide range of possible uses.


25 QT BISON COOLERThe 25qt Bison Cooler for example could be everyone’s personal cooler that can be found on a boat, in the car, or in the work place if you got enough space there.


50 QT BISON COOLERThen there is the 50qt Bison which brings more joy to the team; it offers more storage capacity to cover for a short nice road trip, or a private weekend with the loved ones.


75 QT BISON COOLERNext, there’s the 75qt Bison which can make any truck driver a happy man, or make a whole camping plan a lot better. Also, this can do as good for hunting and fishing if needed; it has enough storage capacity for your lucky day.


125 QT BISON COOLERAnd finally, there is the 125qt Bison that’s obviously here to be the family’s pride. A cooler this big is great for off-shore fishing, big game hunting and large BBQ parties.

All in all, it’s a neat line that’s guaranteed to answer the needs of many of you out there.

Bison Soft-Sided Coolers

The Bison Coolers here made only two sizes for their soft coolers; the 12can Softpack Cooler and the 24can. They’re both very pretty if that’s a word that can be used to describe a cooler.Bison Soft-Sided Coolers

Mainly, a soft cooler is always something personal that you can handle single handedly which will allow you to take it anywhere with you.
Personally, I used to think that a soft cooler is only good to pack lunches and snacks for a day out; these Bison Soft Coolers and other similar ones made me rethink the whole thing.

A soft cooler like these is capable of so much more including sporting events, day trips and off-roading as well.

Now honestly, if you think about it; almost everyone needs a soft cooler that’ll save the day especially for someone who’s always on the go; and who isn’t anymore?!

Design & Build Quality

Bison Coolers are made In The USAIn this section of the Bison Coolers review, we’re going to see what these coolers are made of and what makes them worth your or anyone’s while who’s on the search for a good cooler.

First things first; Bison Coolers; which used to go by Brute Outdoors, is a 100% American brand that’s proud to offer high quality products for their fellow citizens and the world, and it’s a great thing that they make both hard and soft coolers which we can confidently say that they’re both as good.

Hard Sided Coolers

In a nutshell; The Bison coolers are built using “Rotational molding (roto) which is an industrial production process used to create seamless hollow products.

The hollow molds are filled with raw plastic material then heated and slowly rotated along two axis. This constant rotation allows the softened material to evenly disperse through the mold.

The process allows for even heavy wall thickness and beefed up corners to handle extra abuse.” This is all you need to know about the fact that
Bison Coolers are roto-molded.

Now in terms of quality and finish; we can all agree that these guys look pretty fine. The details are neat and sharp, the design is timeless and simple, and they’re made to take a beating thanks to the heavy-duty materials used to construct their bodies.

Once you lay eyes on a Bison you’ll be able to sense robustness radiating from it; the company promises that a Bison of theirs can be ran over by a truck and it would still be intact. However, these coolers are relatively light weight compared to many other brands out there but that doesn’t draw out anything of their value.

Also, we got to give it to originality and invention here; the Bison Coolers have some really nice features that we find to be really appealing, durable and unmatched.

P.S : Bison SOFTPAK coolers come in 5 colors : Red, Gray, Tan, White, Olive.

Bison Coolers - Color Options

Soft Sided Coolers

Of course you know that a soft cooler is not meant to function in any way as a hard cooler. Regardless, a good soft cooler can be robust and durable in its own way.

The Bison Softpack Coolers are made using heavy duty 1000 denier vinyl shell which takes the tear resistant up to 375 pounds. This shell is UV protected and it’s guaranteed to not fade under all kinds of heavy use.

The walls of these soft coolers are nearly an inch thick which could be the best anyone can find on the market.

Soft coolers have come a long way; this is nothing like a regular cooler that’ll just do for a meal-box; these Bison soft coolers are extremely versatile and functional in every possible way that a cooler can be.

The design is really nice here; it’s basic and very accessible with a bunch of features that adds to the cooler’s expediency.

P.S : Bison Softpak coolers come in 4 colors : Pink, Blue, Black, Sand.

Bison Softpack Cooler Bag - Colors

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

Having already stated that the Bison hard-sided coolers are roto-molded; we’re sure that you have an idea about the fact that these coolers have some seriously thick walls.

This is a quality that goes hand in hand with ice retention ability and insulation; those walls are filled with nearly 2 inches of polyurethane foam that’s made specifically for the Bison Coolers to match and even beat their competitors.

This foam is what results in good and prolonged ice retention performance. The smallest of the Bisons’ can hold ice up to 4-5 days with nearly zero amount of struggle. If you opt for a bigger size you’re guaranteed to have the ice action going for a week at least especially if you’re a considerate user who likes to keep his/her cooler away from hot surfaces and sun rays.

As for the soft coolers; they’re harder than you might think. A Bison’s soft cooler’s walls are one inch thick which by far might be the best anyone can find on the market along with other pioneering brands. This little fact right here is what allows Bison’s soft coolers to hold ice throughout a whole day.


This is usually our favorite part of the review; any cooler’s features are like a personal signature that makes it different than others. Bison coolers did a really nice job here with sharp and smart details that we really dig.

Durable T-Latches

Bison Coolers - Cantilever Latch SystemFirst, there is the Heavy-duty, Rubber Cantilever Latch System which is capable of resisting up to 170 lbs against tearing.

The 125 qt Bison is featured with three latches while the smaller one got two. These latches are awesome because you can easily undo them in a snap which could be a lot faster than dealing with a T-latch.

Shark-fin Gasket

Bison Coolers - Shark Fin Double WallSecond, and to make the lid even stronger and cooler, the Bison coolers are featured with a Silicone, Shark Fin Gasket that works simultaneously with the latches to offer the perfect seal for the lid.

It might not be the thickest gasket out there but it surely does the job very nicely.

Multi-function Ruler

Also, the lid is featured with a molded ruler which we all know who’d be glad to have it. Not only that; the whole lid’s surface can be easily to match your own character and orientation using one of Bison’s vinyl lid decals.

Rope & Molded-in Handles

Bison Coolers - HandlesThe handles here are something to appreciate. With each Bison cooler you get both; molded-in handles and rope handles. Thus, you get to use whatever you found most comfortable according to how loaded the cooler is.

The molded-in handles can be used as tie-downs which is great for fishing, kayaking or just the fact that you might need to maximize your cooler’s security.

Lockable lid

Lockable lidIn terms of maximum security; you can lock the lid and make your cooler the closest thing to a bear-proof one.

The Lid comes with standards holes so if you feel the need to seal up the whole thing.

Oversized drain plug

Bison Coolers - Drain PlugPart of maintaining a cooler is draining it to keep your goods dry and fresh.

The Bison Coolers are featured with two over-sized drain plugs for faster draining and cleaning. However, you may want to be careful because ice might jump out as well.

Thus, and just as a friendly tip; try not to open the plug completely when there’s still ice inside.

Skid-preventing Rubber Feet

And finally, all of these coolers are featured with bolted-in rubber feet for maximum stability. A slippery or moving surface shouldn’t be a big of a problem; the cooler would easily stay in place until you actually relocate it yourself.

Soft-Sided Coolers – Features

Bison softpak Now I personally find these babies to be very interesting because in addition to their rugged built quality, they’re also very versatile and practical which are two things that anyone would want to have in a cooler.

The Bison Softpak Cooler is extremely portable; it comes with two carry handles and a shoulder strap which all are nicely padded and very comfortable to use.

Also, you’ll find a water-proof pocket on the outside where to keep your phone or wallet safe and dry. The grids on the cooler’s back will also allow you to attach some tools or gear that you might need on any of your trips.

The zipper on these coolers is a standard one which allows complete and easy access to the cooler’s content once opened. I can’t say that it’s water proof but it shouldn’t be hard to keep these Softpacks away from wet and heat for a better performance.

Who is it for?

All of the Bison Coolers with no exceptions are made to stay around for a long while; durability is not a problem here. Consequently; a cooler that take some good beating is a cooler than can be used anywhere by everyone.

The Bison Coolers can cover all kinds of activities whether in the water or on the dry land; camping, fishing, hunting and even partying can all be taken care of with the same cooler.

The available sizes of these coolers are convenient for all different uses and situations; you just have to pick what’s going to work for you best.

The soft coolers as well can be great on different scenarios; kayaking, road trips or just a day out with some good snacks and fresh drinks. They’re very easy to transport and they can handle the heat and harsh environments very well.

Bison Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

For a starter, Yeti was the founder of rotational molding technique which upgraded the whole coolers’ game. Brands like Bison Coolers and many others got on the line and followed Yeti’s steps to making high end quality coolers for better outdoors experiences. However, there are certain different about each brand.

Bison Coolers Vs YETI

The Bison Coolers for example are, unlike Yeti, not bear resistant. Still, to do them fair; they’re robust and durable. Also, Yeti comes with a life time warranty; Bison offers only 5 year warranty.

Now it’s true that Yeti is an American brand too, but you might end up getting a cooler that’s made the Philippines; which is not bad if it doesn’t make a lot of difference to you. As for Bison Coolers, each and every product of theirs is made strictly in the US.

The pricing matter is also present here; Yeti is always the overly priced brand that’s highly praised by a lot of users in America and the world. Bison however is less expensive and it can deliver the same good performance more or less.

Not only that; Yeti has been known for this con where the number suggested for a cooler’s capacity is actually not what the cooler can hold. Bison on the other gives exactly what it says.

In other words; the Yeti Tundra 45 qt for example is barely 37 qt in fact, while the Bison 50 qt is a solid 50 qt. And guess what? You can get this latter with a price that’s way more appealing.

Bison Coolers – Bottom Line

Ending out Bison Coolers review, we hope that it helped you find what you need about this proud American brand that actually did a great job offering their client premier quality coolers with nice features and somewhat reasonable prices.

So, if you’re looking for a tough cooler that also looks and feels good; the Bison Coolers might be just what you need.