Icybreeze Review

The Icybreeze V2 Portable Air Cooler is the first-ever personal cooler that claims to replace air conditioners and keep both you and your food cool anyplace anytime. Icybreeze claims to be eco-friendly. It utilizes outside air and ice water at the cooler’s bottom to release ice-cold and dehumidified air without contributing to global warming. 

This one of a kind cooler has taken users by surprise by its capability of pumping out cool air at 25-mph, and bringing air temperature down 35 degrees below the initial temperature. The 38-quart cooler is capable of blasting icy cold air with just ice and little water.

The inventor of Icybreeze, Clint Donaldson, states that the journey started one day at an outdoor game, when he was suffering in the hot sun and had a cooler full of drinks to keep him cool. That’s when the idea came to him- invent something that keeps people cool anywhere they take a cooler. The product was launched in 2014, and the team presented the idea in front of Shark Tank in 2016. Today, the product is available on their website and Amazon.

This combination cooler is truly portable, making it one of the most desirable products. Another feature is that it runs on an internal rechargeable battery of 12 Volt, which is convenient for outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, sports or games, etc.

  • The capacity to hold ice is huge, up to 30 lbs
  • Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 7 hours
  • Disperses ice cold air at a temperature of 35 degrees below the outside air
  • Strong Polyethylene structure
  • Large wheels for easy rollover and external usage
  • Slightly expensive
  • Noisy
  • The area covered is limited

Things to Consider Before Buying Icybreeze Cooler

Usually, when people would spend time outside in the sun for any kind of outdoor activity, they would carry a cooler to keep food or drinks cold. However with this revolutionary Icybreeze cooler, there is now an option to not only keep your consumables cold but also keep yourself in an air-conditioning environment.

If you’re a sports enthusiast and love going to live games at the stadium, you probably have experienced the heat and discomfort of a hot summer day. If so, you would greatly benefit from an Icybreeze cooler to carry your food and drinks and keep them fresh, as well as enjoy the icy cold air on you while watching your favorite player on the field.

When going on a day-long trip, or a picnic with friends and family, remember that keeping the food fresh and the beverages cold is a necessity. If the temperature is humid, it can quickly spoil the food. Take no chances and get an Icybreeze cooler, not just to keep the food fresh but also to give your friends and family a little comfort of air-conditioning.       

While reading, you must be wondering if the Icybreeze could replace your conventional cooler or air-conditioner. The Icybreeze could easily replace those individual products, and combine them into one small portable unit. However, keep in mind that the battery has a limit- it keeps you cool for up to 7 hours.

Here are some essential questions to take into account before getting an Icybreeze cooler.

  • Usability – Before getting the product, you must ask yourself, what are the typical uses, and how often will it be used?
  • Efficiency – You must compare it thoroughly with other similar products in the market; how much ice can it store, and how long will it last?
  • Worth the money – Does it fit in your budget?
  • Design – Is it too big to fit in the back of your car? How much space does it occupy? Can it be carried easily? These questions also help you make a decision.

Features & Benefits

The Icybreeze cooler and air-conditioner is a truly unique product with some amazing features. Let us explore the variety of features in this review and their benefits to understand the product better.

#1 Build Quality

While checking out the product, we are looking for built-in electronics and the outer structure. These are the basics of any cooler or air-conditioner. The elemental composition of the Icybreeze v2 Cooler is:

  • 12-volt battery
  • Extension tube
  • Icebox
  • 3-speed fans

Let’s start from the outside. The dry-weight of the box is 16 pounds. The box is made up of rugged polyethylene plastic. The lightweight structure is easy to pack and carry. Even if you fill-up the box with food, drinks, or ice, the box’s max weight will go up to 50lbs.

There are lift-up handles on each side of the box, making it easy to lift and carry by two people. The handles are molded and incorporated into the design so that they won’t break off easily. However, the only problem is that the handles are a little small and can cause a hindrance while carrying.

Another feature to the unit is its set of wheels. You can utilize the handle and pull the cooler through any terrain. Although sand or muddy roads may cause some trouble, you can pick up the unit with both the handles and carry it easily. It’s all worth the cool breeze you can enjoy after your challenging hike!

#2 Ice Retention

An essential factor for a cooler is for how long the box can retain the ice. To precisely understand the cooling ability of the Icybreeze cooler, you must realize that the cooling happens through an electric source and not from the ice. So a traditional comparison to other icy coolers won’t work here.

You can get the maximum benefit out of the ice by artificially powering the cooling system. As mentioned by the brand itself, the AC system will heavily affect the longevity of ice. There are multiple ways of externally powering the cooling system.

One way is by directly connecting it to an electric source and not connecting over the battery. The battery lasts up to 6 hours, and once that is over, you will have to use it ideally just as a cooling box.                                 

As mentioned above, the cooler blows air temperature, which is at least 35 degrees lower than the outside temperature. This means that if the outside temperature is 80, then it blows air at 45 degrees. But what if we had a mild outdoor climate and a constant source of power? The ice would last much longer than what it usually does.

As per the website’s information, the ice is supposed to last for seven days when you are not using the AC, and the outside temperature is 90 degrees. There are a few drawbacks to this cooler. Due to the wall being thin, the ice does not stay as long as promised. However, if you load the ice just up to the lid, it might last for that long.

However is this how you plan on using your cooler, as both an AC and a cooler? If not, then you should consider a different cooler.

Icybreeze ducts shot

#3 Design and Battery

The cooler is available in 3 vibrant shades- blue, green, and red, with a grey lid. The lids are designed to have 2 cup holders on the top of the lid and three-stop wheels that help control the fan speed. The cup holders are great when you are traveling in a camper van. Adjacent to that, two ports to connect the power adapter and a corded remote, which is optional. There is a vent integrated along with a flexible air hose.

Icycbreeze is a 38-quart cooler. The accurate measurement from the outside is 18.5 by 23.5 by 16.25 inches, and the inside measures one by 11.25 by 18.5 inches.

A 110-volt battery charger comes along with this product. It takes up to 5 hours to charge entirely if the battery is empty. When charged fully, depending on the use, the cooler can last up to 6 hours when a battery is in full charge mode, 4 hours on medium usage, and 2.5 hours on high usage. If you are not using the battery at all, it can last from 30- 60 days.

There is, however, a light indicator for you to show if the battery is getting charged. If you need to, you can use wall power or a car power source to charge this device.

Icybreeze battery shot

#4 Eco-Friendly

As the model works on battery and ice water, there is no radiation from this product, which means there is no contribution to global warming, and this is an absolute eco-friendly product to be used. The product claims to be clean for the environment, using no freons and gives off no harmful exhaust.   

#5 Performance

The working is straightforward. Firstly, you have to fill up the cooler with cold tap water, up to the mark mentioned on the cooler wall as “Minimum Water Level.” Then you stuff the box with ice, keeping enough space for your sandwiches and beers for the beach.

Then you can turn on the power switch and choose one of the three fan speeds. Through the radiator flows the chilled water. The fan pulls up the cool air through the radiator, cooling it through the process, and cold air blows out of the hose or vent, fitted on the top of the box.

It takes roughly 20 seconds once you turn on the machine to blow out cold air, but once done, there is only cool, dehumidified air, just what is needed.

The hose’s length is around 18 inches, which means you can pull it up to your face even if the box is kept at a distance. Depending on the fan speed, airflow is pretty impressive, especially on high fan speed settings.

Now let’s look at the not so bright side. Despite all this, the AC can only cool a small area, particularly suited for just one person. No matter how much you ignore, the loud noise of the cooler is slightly disturbing. If it’s on a low setting, the sound is bearable, but it’s often louder than home AC systems on a high setting.


#5 Price

As price is always an important consideration, this is one major drawback of the Icybreeze. While the features of Icybreeze are quite remarkable, it still stands high on the price point.

The typical price of one unit is $329.99, available on their website and Amazon. Based on performance, as long as there is a constant power source, this device performs phenomenally, above and beyond any other cooler in this price range. But it will eventually become fragile.

When you compare the devices running on mobile batteries, this product falls under the category of low-end coolers, as the AC system takes up a lot of the battery.

When Icybreeze presented their idea on shark tank, the investors wanted them to lower their price, depending on how easily available coolers are in the market, but they refused.

We believe if the price was a bit lower, it would be a bargain considering the features. Now if you plan on using it just as a cooler, you should be looking at other products in a slightly lower price range.

Social Proof

When we were researching this product online, we came across some great reviews. For instance:

1.  A nurse is using this device in her car to sleep after the night shift in her hospital. She chooses to use Icybreeze instead of the car AC, just to save some extra fuel. She uses the 6A battery as well as a 12V battery, which lasts her long enough in the car. The ice melts pretty quickly, but since it’s a confined place, the air remains cooler for a long time. The customer service of the brand is fantastic, and the product was delivered very quickly. For those complaining of the loud noise, she mentions that often fans at home make similar noises.

2.  An avid traveler mentions that she enjoys going camping and needs her food to keep cool for a more extended period. On a recent camping trip, she needed food for three days, and the Icybreeze was able to fit all of it and still have space for more. She has taken the cooler to places where it was under direct sun and it still kept the food and beverages cool inside.

3.  A user is delighted with the product as it delivers as promised. The device could withstand the high humidity of Florida. While appreciating all other features, the user suggests having a shorter and narrower model fitted in a golf cart basket. He is looking forward to more usages in the future.

4.  One review from a mail truck driver, there are no AC systems in such trucks, so this is a great relief from the heat that she bears from driving around all day. She mentions that even though she is out all day, the battery never dies.


As this product is highly expensive and very rare, we could find just one alternative which is the Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner.

Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner 12 Volt 52 Qt Dual Fan

With similar features, this product is not only a cooler but also an Air Conditioner. This product’s dry weight is 29 lbs. This, too, has a 12-volt battery to run on.

It is available in 2 colors, red and black. The power cord that comes with this product is 84 inches. The box is made up of ballistic nylon. Unfortunately, the ice lasts in the icebox for just 45 mins, which is kind of disappointing. This product is mainly designed for small airplanes.

It has two output air ducts. Both can be bent in multi-direction, perfect for a small area like jet planes. Arctic Air can also be used anywhere as a personal cooling system. A huge plus is that due to the two outlet ducts, multiple people can use it simultaneously, but only for a limited period. Finally, it is a 52 quart cooler with dimensions 25 x 15 x 18 inches.

There are a lot of bigger size coolers out there. We really like the Coleman Steel Belted 54 Quart Cooler if you want the best of the best!

How Does Icybreeze Work?

Undoubtedly the Icybreeze has an impressive and innovative design, but how it works is a wonder in itself. It draws fresh air from the hidden vents (on the top of the cooler), brings it down to the exchanger, and chills it to less than 35 degrees from the initial temperature. Finally, the cool air is dispensed to your desired direction.

Having said that, we believe it won’t be too hard to compare it with a regular air conditioner.

Is the Polaire Air Conditioner Any Good?

While many people believe that Polaire air conditioner is a scam (given that it does not have any company address or contact on its website), the reality is that Polaire air conditioners are most often too expensive or require a massive power supply to be considered in a budget list.

Polaire air conditioners are pretty small in size with a decent design, and it also offers a quite consistent cooling. Owing to the small size, most Polaire air conditioners tend to be portable and energy-efficient as well.

Does Zero Breeze Really Work?

Another competitor to Icybreeze is the Zero breeze. To our surprise, it works due to its very simple functioning. It just has an on-off power system that works as an air-conditioner on rotatory composers. It can cool 2300 BTU in just 10 mins. The previous model used a 12-volt battery, but the recent model uses a 24-volt battery.

The battery needs to be charged for five long hours, but the advantage is it can be charged using car or solar power. Not just that, it can utilize both the AC/DC power supply, besides the battery. It works pretty well as the area it covers is a maximum of 200 square feet.

What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner on The Market?

It’s sometimes overwhelming to acknowledge the number of options that users are provided with. But, if you’d ask us for advice, we’d say portable air conditioners from brands such as Frigidaire, Black+Decker, Honeywell, and Whynter are very energy-efficient at an affordable price.

Nevertheless, always make sure to do your research and make an informed buy.


You must be curious why we believe in the Icybreeze so much. That’s because it’s a revolutionary product with high-end features. It was hard to find an alternative to the Icybreeze Cooler as it is multifunctional and readily available. In this Icybreeze review, we are truly convinced about the product. The AC unit works brilliantly, even in low-level settings. The ice-retention is better than most other coolers in the market. Though, we cannot deny that the product is expensive and not affordable for most people around.

If you believe in comfort and are ready to invest in a life-changing product, Icybreeze can be your choice. As we see a lot of value to this product, we would like you to experience the cool features yourself. The Icybreeze is a product that offers the best of both worlds, especially as the summer heat hits us.

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