Igloo Marine Ultra Coolers Review

It’s literally summer almost everywhere, and that means it’s times for cool drinks and supplies anywhere and anytime. In order to realize that, one definitely needs a portable cooler which is the reason you are here.

In this review, we’re going to talk about the Igloo Marine Ultra cooler that comes in nine different sizes to meet the needs of all different users and purposes.

As a brand, the Igloo makes all kinds of different coolers; the hard ones, the soft ones and even insulated lunch bags and mugs.

It all started back in 1947 when their first shop seen the light. Now, Igloo is a name that covers a large platform of quality products/coolers and all the needed accessories to maintain them. With no further due; we’ll start our review with what’s obvious.

Igloo Marine Ultra Coolers – Compared

Cooler ImageCooler NameCapacity
(L x W x H )
Weight (lbs)
Igloo 162 qt cooler16244" x 19" x 21.25"29.8
Igloo 128 qt cooler12842" x 18.75" x 18"25.4
Igloo 94 qt cooler9434.75" x 16.75" x 17.5"16.7
Igloo 72 qt cooler7229.75" x 16.75" x 16.5"11.6
Igloo 54 qt cooler5425.5" x 15.5" x 15.5"8.1
Igloo 36 qt cooler3624" x 13.56" x 13"7.1
Igloo 30 qt cooler3016.81" x 13.25" x 18.41" 7.2
Igloo 28 qt cooler2818.23" x 12.50" x 15.38"6.7

Sizes & Dimensions

In this review, we’ll be dealing with the Igloo 162 qt because it’s the biggest size. However, I’ll make sure to mention some of the other 8 sizes specification for anyone who’s interested in a smaller cooler.

The cooler we have here is 44.375 inches long, 19 inches wide and it’s 21.25 inches in height; it’s technically a huge cooler and some of you might think that it’s way bigger than what you need. No worries though; a smaller version goes down to 28 quart which is translated to 18.45 in length, 13.35 inches in width and 16.52 inches in height.

The 162 qt Marine Ultra cooler can take up to 38 gallons which can be something around 260 cans (12 OZ); be it coke or beer, you just need to make some effort organizing them.

Now given these dimensions, one should expect a heavy cooler. However, the Marine Ultra 162 qt is 29.8 lbs which is not so bad, but the cooler will definitely be better dealt with when two people are carrying it and transporting it. And let’s not forget that it’ll get way heavier once fully loaded, but again; you can always go for a smaller cooler.


  • The first thing we noticed about these Marine Ultra coolers was that they all come in white; there are no other color options which might be upsetting for some of you. However, a good thing about every Marine Ultra cooler is their round edges that are not easy to damage. This exact design choice was never random; sharp and pointy edges tend to ruin soft surfers and harm the feet or ankles of the person carrying the cooler.
  • Both the exterior and interior of these coolers are made of polyethylene which is globally known to be the number one choice for all quality coolers; it’s light and rigid, and with the UV inhibitors that protect the cooler’s body against sun damage, the Marine Ultra coolers are quite durable.
  • Now each Igloo Marine Ultra cooler is slightly different from the others and that’s obviously because of the size variations. For example; the 162 qt, 128 qt and 94 qt coolers are all featured with two rust-proof stainless steel latches and Pebax hinges to firmly and completely seal the lid, while the others are featured with only one latch or none at all…These latches are sturdy and very easy to use.
  • If we move back to the 28 qt cooler, you’ll see that it’s featured with a locking telescoping handle and rollers which is an awesome add if you ask me. This cooler is the easiest thing to transport. However, the 30 qt cooler has no latches and no rollers; only one large and strong carry handle with rubbery material in the middle for a comfortable grip.
  • The 162 qt cooler and many other large coolers are featured with two carry handles on the sides because it’ll be almost impossible for you to carry it on your own once loaded.
  • Another quality or aspect known to these coolers is that they can be used as a chair when needed. The 162 qt cooler’s lid can take up 300 lbs on top of it with no skidding risk thanks to its grippy and rigid body texture.
  • Last but not least, you’ll also find a draining hole in all of Igloo Marine Ultra’s coolers and that is known to be a very basic feature.

Ice Retention

The bigger and heavier the cooler, the better insulation result; I guess that this is an obvious fact. The 162 qt Igloo Marine cooler is made of thick Ultratherm insulated body and lid that can keep ice, water or food cool inside up for a week, but of course that depends on factors like the surface on which the cooler is located, the temperature and how often the lid is opened.

Going for the smallest Marine Ultra cooler, ice retention will naturally shrink to 2-3 or 4 days which is all that expected from a small portable cooler.

The stain and odor-resistant liners are one great quality that is found in most of Igloo’s hard coolers. If it’s fish that you’re storing inside of the cooler, your boat or car won’t smell like fish as long as you seal the lid and only open it when necessary.

Who is it for?

The main design of the Igloo Marine Ultra coolers is meant to withstand the wet environment of a fisher’s life, and to maintain its shape and performance for the longest period possible. However; the many different sizes and designs in which they come make them very versatile coolers that can be used for all different purposes; partying, camping, or even storing ice and food during unfortunate days when the power is out.

Just take a look at all the available sizes and pick what’s best for you according to how much you need to store, for how long you need it, and how you think you can transport the loaded cooler.

Igloo Cooler Reviews : Final Thoughts

What we appreciate most is definitely the different designs and sizes in which the Marine Ultra coolers come. These coolers look very simple and professional which make them look good anywhere they’d be used. However, when it comes to ice retention ability one must understand that it varies from one cooler’s size to another and from one place and environment to another.

And for anyone who wants to help his/her cooler’s freeze ability last longer, make sure you keep it sealed most of the time, keep it away from the sunlight, and put more ice in it whenever needed.