Icemule Cooler Review

IceMule Coolers ReviewIceMule coolers have been under the radar from quite some time now. However, one glimpse under the spotlight was enough to attract plenty of attention towards the brand and its rather impressive selection of backpack-style coolers.

In fact, IceMule coolers have proven to be exemplary in the bag-cooler universe and that statement takes into consideration pioneers such as Yeti and the like. So, how did a niche specific brand manage to attract so much attention in the industry?

The answer to that resides in the following IceMule cooler review:

Icemule Coolers Reviewed

ICEMULE Classic™ Coolers

ICEMULE CLASSIC CoolersOne of the brand’s best sellers and the cooler that started it all for IceMule is the Classic edition soft-backpack with the iconic sling strap. Indeed, this little lineup was the cooler’s claim to glory as it represented everything they stood for: reliability, practicality and transport-ability.

First things first, one of the biggest selling points for IceMule coolers in general is the portability aspect. Truly, it is one hell of an advantage to be able to simply back-pack style these coolers and take on the toughest endeavors.

Unlike most coolers out there, travelling with a Classic IceMule on your back won’t be much of an inconvenience for the most part except if your journey includes climbing.

Moreover, since this was literally the genesis of the brand, the Classic lineup had to translate everything the brand has to offer in a few concise statements. Thus, despite being soft-sided, IceMule classics are resilient coolers that will take a beating regardless of their environment.

In fact, the outer coat on these coolers is specifically built with the resilient MuleSkin™ EV, which is a substance tough enough to endure the wildest adventures.

As for the inside of the coolers, the brand chose to stick to their original IM AirValve™, which is robust yet breathable enough, allowing the air to be pushed out of the insulated zone.

Taking into consideration the build quality, the impressive insulation of the Classic lineup starts to make sense. Truly, with a one piece welded interior liner and the brand’s authentic PolarLayer insulation, you can expect an easy 24hrs of ice retention life.

Consequently, being nothing less of a formidable lineup, The IceMule Classics come in a variety of 4 different sizes to cater for all kinds of outdoors lovers out there:

The IceMule Classic Mini

Icemule Classic Mini CoolerThe mini is exactly that with a humble capacity of 9 liters, making it the ideal personal size.

  • Capacity: 9L / 6 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 14″ x 7.5″
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
The IceMule Classic Small

The small IceMule Classic is arguably not very different from the previous model as it only pushes capacity up to 10 liters. Hence, this cooler is highly portable but still unique to personal use.

  • Capacity: 10L / 6 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 16″ x 8″
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
The IceMule Classic Medium

Icemule Classic Medium CoolerThis right here is the most flexible size on the Classic selection & at 15 liters maximum capacity, you can get a lot done. Therefore, this cooler would make a great beach day, afternoon hiking or a night’s camp worthwhile.

  • Capacity: 15L / 12 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 16″ x 10″
  • Weight: 2 lbs
The IceMule Classic Large

Icemule Classic Large CoolerWith its 20 liter capacity, the Medium classic could definitely replace some hard-sided coolers. Nonetheless, its ice retention capabilities does not exceed 30 hours.

  • Capacity: 20L / 18 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 16″ x 12″
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs


A step ahead of the standard Classics, the Pro lineup of IceMule coolers is definitely a cooler for professionals. Indeed, this little upgrade might seem humble in theory but it’s definitely more significant in real world.

Accordingly, the IceMule Pro lineup is a solid match for avid explorers who tend to spend time in the open wilderness regularly rather than occasionally. Hence, to make account for that, IceMule pushed the quality of materials and functionality aspects of the Pro selection slightly forward in order to adapt to the target context i.e. the backpack style straps.

ICEMULE PRO Series Coolers

Quality is definitely key in the build of these coolers but the comfort aspect is the special link in this creation. Indeed, the brand maintained the robust MuleSkin™ ET skin but they realized that enthusiasts spend quite some time wondering around and that calls for some serious adjustment to the comfort features on these coolers.

In that regard, IceMule invested in double padded straps with a balancing sternum strap right across the chest area for more control and comfort.

Also, the Pro lineup benefits from a special ventilated back pad that enhances both stability and comfort during long trips.

Moreover, IceMule Pro coolers might not have an accessories’ pocket. However, they do come with a nifty built-in elastic bungees sleeve that will extend your storage room. This open pocket might not be fit for your phone / wallet but it’ll definitely take anything off of your hands, giving you much more freedom whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Icemule Pro Coolers Series

With the same thick Mule skin, you should expect very similar results to the Classic lineup since these are technically the same coolers, only with different designs. Hence, since the Pro selection still maintains the PolarLayer insulation and IM AirVent™ feature, it is ensured to achieve at least a day of ice retention and fold up nicely once empty.

In terms of variety, the Pro series comes in 3 different sizes which is one size less than the Classics. However, the Pro series got all you need to start an adventure:

The IceMule Pro Large

Icemule Pro Large CoolerThis right here is the smallest option on this selection and yet it is larger than the largest in the Classic series. Indeed, the IceMule Pro large is a dependable cooler with 21 liters storage room which is the equivalent of 18 cans + the ice.

  • Capacity: 23L / 18 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 17″ x 11″ x 14″
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
The IceMule Pro XLarge

Icemule Pro XLarge CoolerSignificantly more capable than the previous model, the XLarge Pro IceMule is capable of handling up to 33 liters or 24 cans + ice. Hence, you can argue that this is much more than just a simple hiking backpack.

In fact, we’ll dare argue that this cooler can literally bring life to a cozy party.

  • Capacity: 33L / 24 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 20″ x 11″ x 14″
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
The IceMule Pro XXLarge

Icemule Pro XXLarge CoolerThe previous model is definitely a handful for most people. However, IceMule seems to believe that some lunatics out there will benefit from the extra storage space that the XXLarge option offers.

Hence, the cooler in question can handle up to 40 liters or 36 cans plus the ice and that’s plenty for a wholesome camping adventure or a serious hiking trip.

  • Capacity: 40L / 36 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 23″ x 11″ x 14″
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs


Icemule Boss CoolerOur IceMule cooler review is yet to end, at least not before we take a closer look at the latest and perhaps the greatest IceMule coolers out there. Truly, the Boss series has been anticipated with great enthusiasm by the fan base and it certainly is something else.

Indeed, the Boss lineup may consist of one model but it’s revolutionary enough to make quite the appearance even while standing alone. Hence, while it maintains the exact same build materials as the Pro lineup, the IceMule Boss takes functionality to the next level.

Accordingly, the Boss can be described as ultimate ice bag since everything about it is bordering the top. So, whether we’re speaking of performance, ice retention, ease of use or storage room, this model right here got all the boxes checked and a little more.

Yes, the Boss is not the largest IceMule out there but it’s definitely the most practical because it balances storage space with comfort aspects perfectly. Hence, with 30 liters of space or around 24 cans with ice, you are enabled to transport a significant cargo without becoming an obstacle on long journeys.

Further, the design of the backpack itself is an in-depth hint to the purpose and target audience of this cooler. With its square look, formidable suspension, ventilated back and padded shoulder straps, you are going to notice a significant improvement in weight handling and long hikes won’t be a problem anymore. Not to mention, the Boss IceMule is the only one with 3 extra waterproof accessory pockets and more attachment ports for the rest of your equipment.

ICEMULE BOSS Series Coolers

Finally, when it comes to performance, this cooler is arguably the best IceMule out there. Thus, while maintaining the no-zipper / no leakproof approach, the mouth of the cooler is wide enough for easy access and cleaning. Nonetheless, once rolled up and locked down, the inside of the Boss becomes as good as a fortress, granting you days of ice retention. Consequently, the product at hand might cost a little more but it’s going to be an enriching inventory for avid hikers, campers and the occasional river anglers.

  • Capacity: 30L / 24 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 11″ x 24″ x 17″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs