Big Frig Cooler Review – A Great Deal From A New Brand

Taking a look at how everything works in nowadays industrial world, we’re pretty sure you have a good idea why things are the way they are. Coolers’ industry for example has only grown bigger with more competition from both old and new brands that seek to make the best portable ice chests that can be affordable, durable, and functional all at the same time.

Brands like Yeti that led to the foundation of what we know today as roto-molded coolers is still going strong as one of the strongest brands out there. However, competition is really fierce here with names like the Big Frig which we’ll be reviewing today.

This article will introduce you to a fresh brand that started their journey less than 3 years ago (2016) with an ambition to break records with their good looking coolers line while you can save tens of dollars if not hundreds compared to other leading brands.

Now with no further due, let’s get started and see what the Big Frig is all about.

Big Frig Coolers Compared

(W x D x H)


Big Frig 20QT Denali Cooler
• 20 Qt
• 18.9L
21.1" x 13.3" x 14.3"
14.1" x 7.8" x 9.8"


Big Frig 45QT Denali Cooler
• 45 Qt
• 42.6L
26.7" x 16.6" x 16.3"
20.2" x 10.6" x 11.6"


Big Frig 70QT Denali Pro Cooler
• 70 QtExternal
33.5″W x 17.5″D x 18″ H
27″W x 12″D x 13.5″H


Big Frig 75QT Denali Cooler
• 75 Qt
• 71.9L
33.5" x 18.2" x 17.9"
27" x 11.7" x 13.2"
Big Frig 110QT Denali Pro Cooler
• 110 Qt
• 104.9L
37.5"W x 19.5"D x 19.5" H
31.5"W x 14"D x 14"H
Big Frig 110QT Denali Cooler
• 110 Qt
• 104.9 L
37.5"W x 19.5"D x 19.5" H
31.5"W x 14"D x 14"H

Available Sizes & Dimensions

The Big Frig, which sounds so casual and fun, cared enough to make what we’d call the perfect range of coolers with different versatile sizes.

Our concern in this part of the review is to highlight each size and its properties as to help you decide which size is best for you.

Big Frig 20 QT Denali Cooler

Big Frig 20 QT DENALI COOLERThis cooler might or might not remind you of Yeti’s Roadie which is also a size 20 qt. The similarity is quite prominent especially if you take a look at the handle, the latches, and the logo’s placement.

However, this size is what makes a great personal cooler that can be taken on short trips or sporting events. It’ll cover whatever you need very nicely for its size.

Big Frig 45 QT Denali Cooler

Big Frig 45 QT DENALI COOLERThis one right here screams versatility; it’s big enough for activities like fishing, yet, it’ll remain very portable for you to carry it on your own.

This is a size that’s highly admired by people and users who are always on the go.

Big Frig 75 QT Denali & 70 QT Denali Pro Coolers

Big Frig 70 QT DENALI PRO COOLERSo these two Frigs right here are pretty much the same except for the little awesome fact that the Denali Pro 70 qt is actually a wheeled cooler.

They got more space in them for longer trips and prolonged fun times while the wheeled 70 qt Denali Pro is extremely transportable which could be what everyone needs when it comes down to practicality and accessibility.

Big Frig 75 QT DENALI COOLERBoth these coolers can be used for camping, fishing, BBQ parties and more with couple things to take into consideration; the Denali 75 qt offers more storage capacity for around fifty dollars less than the Denali Pro 70 qt, while this latter is way easier to transport even when fully loaded.

Big Frig 110 QT Denali & 110 QT Denali Pro Coolers

Big Frig 110 QT DENALI PRO COOLERWe’ve got the same previous scenario here except that it’s the bigger guys now; the 110 qt Denali and the wheeled 110 qt Denali Pro. These coolers are the perfect match for large family gatherings, backyard or pool parties and of course long camping trips, tailgating and deep sea fishing…you just name it.

Big Frig 110 QT DENALI COOLERThese coolers offer serious storage capacity with lots of strength and durability built into them. The wheeled version is just perfect; once you have your cooler loaded and ready to move, you can just roll it around and drag it along your side until it’s time to put it in the car/truck/boat.

Design & Build Quality

We don’t think that you would’ve been here if the Big Frig’s coolers weren’t roto-molded. It is now a global standard for all quality coolers to go through the rotational molding building process in order to produce a cooler that’s up to the competition.

The Big Frig coolers are all roto-molded with a UV protected exterior/interior for extra durability and resistance. Also, this brand promises their clients a cooler that’ll be able to take on the most harsh situations and environments like a pro because everything that’s been used to make each and every cooler of theirs is heavy duty material.

The Big Frig doesn’t say that their coolers are bear- resistant but the rugged latches and exterior body given to them are enough to make a strong stand against the rough natural circumstances.

We’re talking about serious beating here; you can throw a Big Frig’s cooler off a moving vehicle, you can try to destroy it with a bat, or you can try to blow it; you would still end up with a cooler that can last for long years to come.

Ice Retention & Insulation Ability

Let’s get done with a little thing here; the larger the cooler you go for the better ice retention you’ll be getting. It’s simple; larger coolers have more insulation foam injected into them which directly prolongs the ice retention on your cooler.

Now if you choose to go with the 110 qt Denali for example, you’ll get at least a solid 7-8 days of ice action in your cooler. However, if you want to make sure that happens it would be cool if you pre-chill your cooler, make sure there’s enough ice where you’re going, or if not; just keep your cooler in the shade and open the lid only when necessary.

Like usual, it only makes sense to get our hands on one of the Big Frig’s guys to run some tests and provide you with some reliable results.

Thus, experimenting with the Big Frig 75 qt Denali; this cooler was capable of holding solid ice up to the 6th day without a struggle. There was water at the bottom of the cooler which we drained sometimes, but other than that, the performance of this Big Frig guy was even better than expected.


Color Choices

The features on any cooler are more or less the same unless you got your hands on some extremely unique cooler that we still haven’t reviewed

However, our first go with the Big Frig Coolers is the color options; this line offers a variety of colors starting with basic white all the way to sand, pink and camo and more.

Big Frig Coolers - Colors

Lid & Latches

LatchesThen, there is the lid and latches that are highly similar to Yeti’s design as previously stated. The lid on these coolers is featured with a molded ruler that’d be highly appreciated by fishing and hunting enthusiasts. The lid itself is tough and anti-skid with two durable T-rex rubber latches.

To our surprise, these latches proved to be super firm and grippy which diminishes any possibilities for the lid to get opened unintentionally.

Freezer-grade gasket

Freezer-grade GasketNext, there is the gasket which is an essential feature to guarantee the perfect insulation and ice retention ability.

The latch here is also made of rubber and it works very nicely sealing the lid and preventing air from getting in or out of the cooler which is what an ice chest is all about.

Bottle Openers

Bottler OpenerMoving on, you’ll find two bottle openers on each of the Big Frig’s coolers which now is a non-negotiable feature when it comes to portable coolers; ain’t nobody wants to worry about carrying or losing a bottle opener on a nice trip.

Removable Nylon Handles

Easy-grip HandlesAlso, to accomplish a comfortable transportation experience, these coolers are featured with removable nylon handles with molded-grip which offer a firm, flexible and practical grip.

Anti-Slip Feet

Non-Slip FeetNot only transportation is what matters here; it’s vital that your cooler stays in place once you find the right spot for it, hence; the Big Frigs are featured with anti-skid bottom feet for maximum stability on wet or slippery surfaces.

Drain Plug

Hose compatible dual-size drain valveAnother feature that is expected to always be present with every ice chest is the drain plug.

These coolers feature what you’d call a small to medium draining hole that doesn’t let the ice come out when you’re trying to drain it.

It does a nice job and it comes with a stainless steel chain so you never lose it. It also supports hose attachment.

Wheels on some models

Let’s not forget about the Big Frig 70 qt Denali Pro Cooler which we would dare say is the coolest of them all. This guy here is featured with two rolling wheels for a wholesome and more comfortable transporting experience.

Once you load the cooler you can just drag it around to its spot and just feel good and superior about the fact that you didn’t have to carry it.

Vacuum Release

Vacuum release buttonLast but not least, the Big Frig Coolers are all featured with a vacuum release button to help you open the lid easily even after you’ve just closed it. It’s something that’ll make using the cooler a lot easier and more accessible.

Board Divider & Basket

AccessoriesNow listen to this; all of the Big Frig Coolers are equipped with a cutting board divider and a basket which are two necessary items for any cooler nowadays.

It’s like the cherry on top which the Big Frig was very considerate about to make everything a little better with their coolers.

Who is it for?

-Starting with the smallest Big Frig 20 qt Denali cooler all the way to the 110 qt Denali (wheeled) Pro cooler, this brand is universal and versatile. It would be really limiting to just say: “oh, this cooler is good for this, while that one is suitable for that.”

Instead, we can list all of the activities that a Big Frig cooler can cover, but again, that would be a lot; because literally, this line of coolers is for everyone and everything.

However, let’s just say that the 20 qt Denali is a great personal cooler, the 45 qt is the most suitable for small gatherings and weekends, the 70 qt Denali Pro (wheeled) is the perfect pick for someone who seeks comfort and transportability, while both the 110’s qt are the families big guys that are ready to handle larger and tougher situations.

All in all, be it hunting or just a regular family picnic; these Big Frigs will certainly have your back.

Big Frig Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

Getting here; this is probably what many of you want to know about; is the Big Frig as big as the Yeti? Well; it really doesn’t have to be that way. Yeti is a leading brand that was able to build its own huge reputation for high end production coolers and many other products. Big Frig Vs Yeti

On the other hand, the Big Frig is a new brand that’s having a fresh start with a really nice line that’s up to date with nothing to really hate on.

However, it always gets down to pricing when we compare brands like this; the Big Frig offers the same sizes Yeti has with more real interior capacity for prices that can be over 50-100 dollars less.

Also, the Big Frig offers a variety of colors for you to choose from and feel comfortable with your cooler which is something Yeti is good at as well.

Now it terms of build quality; it’s easy to agree that Yeti coolers probably have the best finish out there with their neat and perfect sleek bodies, but would that be enough of a reason to go for a Yeti regardless its being over priced compared to brands like the Big Frig; Knowing that a Big Frig can withstand different kinds of natural and human harsh situations?

The Big Frig is capable of delivering nearly the same performance when it comes to ice retention and insulation because frankly any decent brand won’t be satisfied with less than what a cooler is “supposed to be.”

Big Frig Cooler – Bottom Line

Our final thoughts on this line are definitely positive ones. There is basically nothing that could be stated as a down side to the Big Frig Coolers.

These coolers did great in terms of usability, durability and performance. Also, the fee here is very much worth the quality you’re getting with all the features a cooler need as to handle any kind of adventurous or casual use; it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with one of the Big Frig’s coolers.