MILEE Heavy Duty Iceland 45 QT Cooler Review

So many brands out there are interested in making portable coolers since a lot of people use them intensively especially during summer. One of these brands is MILEE which has been known for their 45 qt Iceland cooler.

It’s a great cooler given its price range and it’s fully equipped just like some of the best quality coolers out there.

In this review, we’ll try to cover all of the details and features that you need to know before ordering the Iceland cooler by MILEE.

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MILEE Heavy Duty Iceland Cooler reviewThe Iceland cooler is 45 qt as previously mentioned, or we can say that this cooler is capable of contacting something around 100-110 cans (12 OZ). However, most of us like to store their drinks and food with ice inside of the cooler for it to maintain its cool temperature, thus, no one really is going to store a 100 can unless it’s some party happening.

Now the outside body of this cooler is 26.7 inches long, 16.6 inches wide and 16.3 inches high. On the inside, the Iceland cooler is 20.2 inches long, 10.6 wide and 11.6 inches high. This specific information always leads to learning how thick the cooler is, and that’s a crucial aspect for any portable cooler.

This cooler is 6 inches thick, which is by far, the best in the market. As a result, the insulation is really good when it comes to coolers this size.

All in all, this is a medium size cooler (23.3 lbs) which can be easily handled by two people once loaded.


  • The MILEE Iceland cooler comes in 4 colors that I know; marine camo, green, melon red and tan. There’s a 5th color I guess but it’s not available now (at the time of reviewing).


  • It’s made of heavy-duty roto-molded construction for durable outdoor use that’s meant to last.


  • Both the inner and outer body is made of LLDPE plastic which is known for being light and hard and impact.


  • The outer shell is protected with “built-in UV resistance that helps prevent plastic breakdown and fading caused by sun exposure”.


  • The inner side of the cooler is made of “FDA-approved materials that are nontoxic, tasteless and approved for direct contact with food”.


  • What’s between the two sides of the cooler is PU foam that’s reasonably inexpensive, yet, it performs an “excellent insulating value, good compressive-strength properties, and temperature resistance up to 300 degrees F”.


  • The Iceland cooler is featured with 2 nylon handles that are very flexible and rigid with a comfortable padded grip for easy transportation.


  • Also, the lid comes with a neat gasket that makes sure the cooler is on total-lock so that air or odor does not go out or in for maximum ice retention.


  • This very same lid can always be used as an extra chair which is one of the nice things about medium/large sized coolers.


  • Moreover, to completely seal the lid, you’ll find two T-latches to secure a firm closure.


  • Now when you shut the lid, the air pressure changes inside of the cooler causing the lid to be perfectly sealed and sometimes hard to open again.


  • To avoid that, the Iceland cooler comes with an air releasing button that works like a relief valve. Once pushed, the lid opens with minimum effort.


  • A great addition that you might find on many other quality coolers is the side stainless steel bottle openers; they’re super firm and they come really handy on all different occasions.


  • To make the Iceland cooler steadier, you’ll find it featured with 4 anti-skid feet so that the cooler doesn’t slip around on moving surfaces or so.


  • Last but not least, and like usual; there is a draining hole that’ll easily allow melted ice/water/liquids to come off the inside of the cooler.

MILEE Heavy Duty Iceland Cooler review

Ice Retention

Sometimes you can’t really decide who a product is for because simply people use it differently. Anyway, a cooler like the MILEE Iceland 45 qt can be used to store some party drinks, or can be taken on a picnic with family or friends. However, we tend to think that a cooler with this retention ability works best for fishermen who’d spend days on board. Also, this cooler can be used by people who’d take on a river adventure using hard or inflatable kayaks or just camping on the weekend for a change.

Its size is not problematic to the point where you’ll need to worry where or how you can transport it. Thus, anyone with a car can take the Iceland cooler anywhere they go.

MILEE Iceland Cooler review

Final Thoughts

I think that the MILEE Iceland cooler is very reasonably priced compared to some other brands. Nevertheless, it’s a fully equipped cooler with all the details and features needed to make it extremely handy and functional.