Palm Coolers Review

Palm cooler is an emergency brand & that entails an interesting set of characteristics. Indeed, the manufacturer in question isn’t trying to establish an emotional connection in order to sell. Instead, they are hitting the stats directly in order to capture your attention with strength rather than feelings.

Accordingly, on their website, Palm Cooler chose to list their performance as an introduction to the brand. However, is that all you need in a cooler?

In order to answer that question, you must first compile some knowledge concerning the brand’s variety, sizes, design quality & most importantly performance.

So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Palm coolers.

Palm Coolers Compared

(L x W x H)

Palm 30 Quarts Cooler

Palm 30 Quarts Cooler
23″ X 17.9″ X 15.6″
15.4″ X 11.6″ X 10.2″

Palm 45 Quarts Cooler

Palm 45 Quarts Cooler
28″ X 17.5″ X 16.5″
20.4″ X 11.6″ X 11.6″

Palm 65 Quarts Cooler

Palm 65 Quarts Cooler
33.0″ X 19.2″ X 17.4″
24.1″ X 13.0″ X 12.3″

Palm 90 Quarts Cooler

Palm 90 Quarts Cooler
39″ X 20.7″ X 19.0″
29.8″ X 14.2″ X 13.4″

Palm 145 Quarts Cooler

Palm 145 Quarts Cooler
44″ X 24.5″ X 19.8″
33.5″ X 17.5″ X 14.4″

Available Sizes & Dimensions

Just like any other runner up, Palm Cooler is under the scope for multiple reasons. However, variety has got to be the most defining characteristic of a brand. Indeed, the reputation of a brand is highly dependent on its ability to cater to the different needs and requirements of the market.

So, here are the coolers –with details- you can find on Palm’s collection.

Palm 30 Quarts

Palm 30 Quarts CoolerThe smallest option on the Palm list is the 30Qt model which is relatively larger than standard small.

The cooler at hand is practical, spacious & transportable, making it a viable option for your daily fishing spot, picnics, beach days and any activity that doesn’t require large cargo space.

Accordingly, the cooler at hand measures 23″ X 17.9″ X 15.6″ & weighs a total of 15.5 pounds when empty.

Palm 45 Quarts

Palm 45 Quarts CoolerSlightly larger than the previous model, the 45Qt is an interesting little Palm cooler.

Indeed, this cooler is neither big nor small, making it perfect for both type of scenarios. However, you can push the cargo limit by a half and for many anglers / campers, that’s a sweet spot for intermittent outdoor activities.

Accordingly, the 45Qt measures 28″ X 17.5″ X 16.5″ on the outside and weighs around 20 pounds while empty.

P.S : Palm Offers a wheeled version of this 45 quart cooler.

Palm 65 Quarts

Palm 65 Quarts CoolerOnce you get to the 65Qt, things begin to get slightly more serious since this is a special cooler, designed for special people.

Indeed, the cooler at hand is large, robust and reliable, making it the perfect Palm Cooler for avid anglers, team sport events & group camping.

It must be noted that the cooler is rather large, standing at 33.0″ X 19.2″ X 17.4″ & weighs exactly 30 pounds when empty. Hence, if you foresee a future with a lot of moving around then you might want to consider the wheeled option.

Palm 90 Quarts

Palm 90 Quarts CoolerNext in line is the Palm 90Qt which is a beast of a cooler that is not meant for reluctant buyers.

Indeed, the cooler at hand is a solid commitment as it serves many purposes. Accordingly, the 90Qt would make a fine match for serious anglers, hunters & event organizers since it measures 39″ X 20.7″ X 19.0″ & weighs around 40 pounds. Hence, you can imagine how hard it would be to move around once fully loaded.

Palm 145 Quarts

Palm 145 Quarts CoolerLast but definitely not least is the 145Qt giant. The Palm cooler at hand is beyond description as it goes where only a few brands could go.

This cooler is a giant and to put you in perspective, it measures 44″ X 24.5″ X 19.8″.

The option at hand is thus large enough to cater for big game & weekly provisions for a group of people.

The only down side to this model is the fact that it weighs 50 pounds while empty and that is only the start.

Design & Build Quality

Let’s premise this segment by stating the obvious: design doesn’t make sales in the cooler universe. How a cooler looks simply doesn’t influence
your opinion unless if it’s some weird shape or form because what really matters is quality and performance.

Palm coolers are one of the few brands that really appealed to us because it doesn’t try to flash its design or history but rather sticks to the important bits.

Nonetheless, we must admit that Palm coolers look pretty neat. Indeed, the coolers in question are limited to one shape, which makes sense considering the fact that they are primarily designed for anglers and boaters.

P.S : Palm Coolers come in three color options : Gray, Sand, White.

Palm Coolers - Colors

Also, the second most impressive aspect about the design is the overwhelming simplicity.

If anything, a simple layout indicates maturity and often entails resilience since nothing is sticking out of the frame and all features are snug molded into the body.

Consequently, build quality is where a lot of people make up their mind about a cooler. Hence, it should be of some help to note that all Palm coolers are built, using powerful polyethylene compose.

Indeed, the entire set is roto-molded which means that the core of the cooler is developed in a way that thrives on unity. Hence, the mold of Palm coolers is gapless and that gives it incredible strength.

Further, Palm takes great pride in the quality of all components on their coolers, namely features. Indeed, the features on these coolers are robust and that goes from the latches all the way down to the rubber feet. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the brand offers 25 years of warranty on all their coolers.

Palm Coolers - Build QualityIce Retention & Insulation Ability

Palm Coolers - Available SizesPerformance is the leading cause of decision making in the industry and that is rather reasonable. Indeed, we do not get ice coolers to show them off but to ensure that our goods remain fresh for as long as possible. Thus, it is prime time to highlight one of Palm’s best features.

Palm guarantees that all of its coolers are capable of pulling up to 8 days of ice retention in harsh environments and that is such a bold statement, considering that leading manufacturers are satisfied with as much as a 6 days slogan. So, where does Palm get this confidence and is it realistic?

Well, it certainly isn’t an impossible task because we have reviewed a variety of coolers that break through the 7 days period. However, it’s going to take a whole lot of effort in order to attain higher results. Thus, Palm coolers support their claim via thicker walls.

Undeniably, thick walls work & especially on coolers since they reduce the influence of external elements drastically.

So, Palm thought it’s a good idea to opt for 2.5 up to 3 inches of high-pressure injected polyurethane foam core to jack the chest. Adding that factor to the roto molded core of Palm coolers produces one of the most sacred unities in the history of coolers.

Indeed, palm coolers feature both dense insulated walls and a resilient unified crust to fend off the heat & they work. Well, taking the freezer style gasket, these coolers have proven to go slightly beyond 7 days in Minnesota’s summer & much longer in mild conditions.


A cooler is only complete with an impeccable set of features. Hence, many premium brands tend to focus so much of their effort onto making a user-friendly cooler. So, how well did Palm Cooler do?

Freezer Style Gasket

Palm Coolers - Freezer Style GasketSpeaking of which, the gasket on Palm coolers is remarkable to say the least. In fact, the rubber barricade commits to the mold of the cooler once the lid is shut and stops air from circulating inside / outside the cooler.

Therefore, without their freezer style gasket, Palm coolers wouldn’t be as praised as they are nowadays.


Palm Coolers - T latchesPalm latches are a nifty T shaped design that is developed in order to create an inseparable seal.

Indeed, the rubber T latches are easy to use & once in place, they create a formidable seal that reinforces the effect of the gasket.

P.S : Only a few Palm coolers models come with T-latches. The other ones are featured with standard latches.

Thick Insulation

It would be a shame to go about the brand’s prominent features without stopping at the incredible insulation.

Truly, Palm coolers are one of the highest performers on the market today due to their impressive insulation.

In that respect, all Palm coolers benefit from a 2.5 to 3 inches thick barrage of foam and polyethylene that will push ice retention up to a week easily.

Other Features

The list of Palm cooler features is almost endless, which is why we’ll list a few honorable mentions before we jump into the next segment:

  • Rubber non-skid feet
  • Textured top lid
  • Impenetrable wheels on some models
  • Quick drain
  • Full length hidden hinges

Who is it For?

It certainly sounds like Palm coolers have a few flaws compared to their advantages. However, that doesn’t answer the most important question: Who is it for?

Well, to put it simply, Palm coolers could match any outdoors activity. Thus, whether you’re into hunting, angling, camping or you simply love spending time in the outdoors, you are going to find a Palm cooler that suits your needs.

However, if we learned anything during this Palm coolers analysis, it is that Palm has a close connection to water. Hence, you will discover that these coolers are designed primarily for anglers, white water and such.

Nevertheless, high performance and impeccable durability are two features that couldn’t care less about the environment which is plenty of a reason to ignore the bias of the brand.

Palm Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

During our Palm coolers review, we learned so much about the brand and that made us suspect its ability to rival even the biggest competitors on the market. Hence, the following segment is going to discover where Palm stands when faced by a giant that goes by the name YETI.

Palm coolers vs YETI

Yeti coolers have reigned the industry for a long time. However, they haven’t been as impressive lately, considering the fact that a lot of newer brands managed to break their record ice retention. So, it wouldn’t hurt to add another name to a growing list of high performers.

Accordingly, Palm coolers are definitely capable of beating Yeti in terms of ice retention by a day or two which is really impressive.

Nonetheless, while it is a high ranking factor, ice retention isn’t everything that defines a brand. Hence, it must be noted that Palm coolers offer a limited variety of choice compared to Yeti where there are literally tens of coolers of different shapes, forms and sizes. Thus, Yeti is guaranteed to fulfill your needs a lot more precisely than Palm.

Furthermore, while both coolers are impressively robust, Yeti coolers are unmatched for a number of reasons. Accordingly, Yeti coolers are made of premium materials that are carefully selected to guarantee a far longer lifespan.

Nonetheless, this isn’t to say that Palm coolers are poorly built since they too rely on a premium Polyethylene compose that ensures over 25 years of resilience.

Palm Coolers – Bottom Line

In conclusion, Palm coolers are highly underrated considering the fact that they can outperform the giants of the industry for a considerably lower price tag. Hence, if you’re planning on initiating a well meditated outdoors journey, you might want a Palm cooler by your side because it won’t let you down.